How I Lifted Myself From Failure To Success With Women

Want To Know How To Charm Women Into Bed?

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How I Lifted Myself From Failure To Success With Women | What Is It?

Quite simply one of the most comprehensive, complete and precise manuals on how to approach and attract women to form intimate relationships.

It’s different from other guides because it’s delivered in an easy to understand style and each technique is fully explained and analysed so you’ll understand why it works and, more importantly, how you can apply it quickly in your own life.

James Smyth produced this informative book when he was going through the frustration of being rejected and treated like rubbish by women and girls all around him. He lacked confidence and had ZERO success with the ladies!

Angry at his situation, he researched into the psychological aspects of attracting women and how this knowledge could be applied quickly and easily so that he could get close to women!

Written in an easy to understand way, it’s just packed with tons of powerful, simple but natural and instinctive tips for attracting women! It just doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, where you were born, how rich you are or whether you went to school or no school.

Whether you’re in England or India, China or Brazil, United States or Russia, ANY MAN, ANYWHERE can learn to attract and charm women.

WARNING! This is not a crude, short-term ‘pick up women’ parlour trick program! There is nothing immoral or underhand involved in this manual. This book is designed to help you become a better man overall, a true gentleman and to enhance your life with a range of permanent traits and characteristics that women find naturally fascinating and are instinctively attracted to.

Why You Must Read This Book

You’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to attract and be attractive to women. Here are just some of the mind-blowing secrets revealed to approach women.

• The 3 gentlemanly masculine traits that will boost your confidence levels sky high. Mess up here and you’ll always go home alone!

• How to present your body language to attract women and how to understand the silent signals she’s sending to you. She’s saying more with her body than with words. You can’t afford to miss these pointers!

• The SINGLE biggest secret to attracting a woman and to keeping her excited and eager to be with you. Any man can learn this skill and become a gentleman that women love to be around.

• Three behaviours that you do all the time that makes a woman lose respect in you completely. If you don’t change you’ll end up as her ‘male girlfriend’.

• Discover how 99% of men unwittingly destroy the attraction women naturally feel for you. Here’s how to reverse it within 24 hours!

This book goes into the very core of what makes a woman want to have a relationship with you and how to apply certain natural techniques and methods to become irresistible to women.

The beauty of this book is that most of the secrets revealed are easily learned and quickly applied for maximum results. Some involve simply doing things you normally do but in a different way. Others require you to change your habits and make lifestyle changes that will massively benefit you anyway. There’s nothing in the course that is difficult or immoral or underhand.

This book contains information which is simply and fundamentally natural to attract and form relationships with women. It just goes to the basics that all men instinctively know but are afraid to put into action… until now!